TuxHacker Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is IRC?
  • How do I get to #TuxHacker?
  • What is #TuxHacker?
  • Do you do support in X language?
  • Help! Somebody is bullying/flooding/spamming/foo. Who can save us?
  • Who are the channel operators?
  • My site/channel would like to forward to tuxhacker..how is it done?

  • Q. What is IRC?

    A. Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a form of real-time Internet chat or synchronous conferencing. It is mainly designed for group (many-to-many) communication in discussion forums called channels, but also allows one-to-one communication via private message.

    Read more at Wikipedia

    Q. How do I get to #TuxHacker?

    A. To access #Tuxhacker you will first need an IRC Client. There are lots of different IRC Clients out there, and it depends on the user as to what they feel comfortable with.

    Here are a few the TuxHacker group would suggest;

    Microsoft Windows;
    Hydra IRC
    Mac OS X;
    X-chat aqua
    Mac Irssi

    Once you get a client, point it at irc.freenode.net then normal notation is to do /join #tuxhacker. Depending on the client, you can set it up to connect to Freenode automatically, and join the channel. Read your clients documentation for this.

    Q. What is #tuxhacker?

    Tuxhacker is an IRC channel that is set up to help users of the GNU/Linux operating system. We also help with lots of other things to, including Apple, BSD, Windows and much more. Conversation can really be varied at times, but GNU/Linux questions are our top priority.

    Q. Do you do support in X language?

    No. The main language of tuxhacker is english. However there are a few multilingual folk in TuxHacker. So you may get support, but it is not typically supported. You are best to ask in English. Or as close to english as you can get ;)

    Q. Help somebody is bullying/flooding/spamming/foo. Who can save us?

    Calm down, most of the time there is a channel operator about. They will deal with the person. Just give them a message if they are not, and hope they jump to life! A list of TuxHacker ops can be found here.
    In very rare cases, where there is nobody about, and the case is very very bad. You can ask a freenode staffer. From your client do /stats p. This will bring a list of Freenode Staff up. Message one and tell them what is going on. Most are friendly ;) .

    Q. Who are the channel operators?

    A list of channel operators are;

  • AndrewB (also AndrewB|School, Glaschu, d_i_b) MIA-Germany
  • loft306 (also ML-37, DangerMaus)
  • sdousley (also steve)
  • libervisco MIA
  • Sager MIA

  • Q. Can I forward my site to Tuxhacker?

    Yes, of course you can.
    Ok for a site without an IRC channel, just point your users to our site.
    For an already excising channel inform your users then do;

    /msg chanserv set #[channel] mode +if #tuxhacker
    Then you will need to kick your users, or wait for them to quit.