We wish every "Tux Hacker" to be a decent fellow, intelligent, open minded, tolerant and knowledgable. We don't want our channel and its name to be associated with dirty words, rampant offtopic rants, flaming and spam. To that end here are a few rules that everyone should strive to abide by. They will be upheld by our ops and supported by freenode staff, since they are based on general freenode policies.

1. Spam: Obvious, blatant and unsolicited advertisements of other channels or sites is unacceptable and will be considered as spam. While you can post links to your personal and other sites when you are actually discussing it as an on-topic subject (for example if you just created a cool GNU/Linux or Free Software related resource or tool) repeatedly posting links when they obviously do not fit the current discussion is considered a breakage of this rule.

2. Bad language and behaviour: Foul language, swearing and bad jokes containing adult content is better kept off the channel. While we may tolerate moderate use of some mild derogatory terms in specific situations, anything extremely explicit or pointed at any person in particular is to be considered out of line. In addition, linking to explicit content (such as porn) is not allowed. Also, do not spam bots with repeated useless requests as that also spoils the service for others. In other words, keep it clean, friendly and open for everyone.

3. Flaming: Respect others just as much as you would expect others to respect yourself. Differences of opinion and preferences are common. Respect the diversity of others. Just because you believe KDE is the best desktop environment in the world and that GNOME should be abolished, doesn't mean that the next person must agree with you. Same applies to all debates. Don't flame anyone for their opinions and preferences. Don't insult anyone or engage anyone into a fight. All inflamatory material will result in warnings and/or bans.

4. Trolling: Trolls deliberately try to disrupt the good atmosphere using various tactics which may often lead to flaming. Trolls are easily detected and will be dealth with swiftly by the ops.

5. Flooding: Don't paste more than 3 lines. If you have to show something to someone which is longer than 3 lines use one of many available pastebin services such as http://pastebin.ca . Images generated by cowsay are cool and funny, but can easily disrupt the discussion. If you must, you can post this *only* if the channel is mostly idle and if there is a op around. You must ask ops for the permission to post cowsay and other ASCII output.

6. Cloaks: Only regular active users recognized for their contributions to the well being of the channel are to be awarded a cloak. Participate often, get to know others in the channel and help some people with their questions before asking for a cloak.

No public logging unless you have been auuthorized by a channel admin.

To those who break these rules, and hence disrupt the good atmosphere in the channel, we will issue only one warning before taking further action (usually a kick). In cases of persistent attempts of disrupting the channel further (by coming back and still continuing to make trouble) moderator will set a ban. Basically, second warning results in a kick and third warning results in a potential ban.