This page lists our group members; people who have operator levels in the channel. These people are users who you can contact if someone in the channel is bothering you, or if you need help and you're embarressed or unable to ask for help in the main channel.


AndrewB is one of the two channel founders. He is a helpful member of the channel, dropping in at different times. When he is around he tries his up-most to answer any questions. He is also an Ubuntu Member, helping with many things within the Ubuntu Community. AndrewB helps out moderating Nuxified in his free time. AndrewB is currently lost somewhere in germany.

loft306 originally owned the channel though never really used it for much more than a pastebin. After he was prodded by AndrewB he decided it would be worth while. loft306 is a very knowledgeable Gentoo GNU/Linux user, though helps with any distribution. He is very good with hardware and knows servers inside out. loft306 formerly moderated the giant


Krendoshazin Somewhere in london working in IT. (Retired)

libervisco Somewhere in the Balkens.

mesut Married and living somewhere in Turkey.

sdousley Hosts this site on one of his servers. Currently working as a Web Developer, has also worked as sysadmin for a small data centre.

Sager Not around at present, hope to see him back soon.

swa swa_work, swa, Zdawg (Steven) has been using UNIX/Linux and worked as a UNIX system admin (mainly Solaris) since the late '90's. He currently runs Solaris/OpenSolaris and Debian on his personal boxen. Beware his odd sense of humor (which has been known to fall flat at times).
If you execute a /who swa_work, the 'Jebus' portion is in reference to his favorite Simpsons episode.


These are not channel users, however they are well known channel members and we feel they need a mention. If you think there is some error and that you should be listed here then please do email andrewb |at| tuxhacker |dot| org with a small paragraph about you in the open source world.