It seems we still have this channel however Glaschu has flown the coop to sun on the beach of a warm desert island.

You are welcome to join the TuxHacker crew in a bit of fun. We have another channel located on Freenode in which we run fun general knowledge quizzes.

You are welcomed to #tuxhacker-quiz by Glaschu the quizbot


Firstly you need to join the channel, then once there you will need too know a few commands to start the quizbot.

To start a quiz you will need to use the command !trivon . This will start a new quiz in the channel.
Once the quiz is started you will need to join a team. Use !join blue or !join red respectively.
The quiz will now begin, to answer a question just say the answer in the channel. Hints at certain times will be given out by Glaschu in order to help you answer.
That's pretty much it. For more help please use the command !help in channel.